Monday, May 14, 2012

Mia's Purple Bracelet

Mia got a fancy new purple bracelet today - one that she can't take off for 3 weeks! We were twirling her around in the air in the backyard on Mother's Day and after she came down, she was already cringing and starting to cry. We calmed her down, checked it out (no obvious damage), and put her to bed. She didn't sleep well, and neither did we - she refused to move her arm the entire night. Finally, we woke up early, I got her cleaned up and changed, and we went into her doctor. He thought it was nursemaid's elbow (a slight dislocation), but he also thought it had gone back into place. However, he sent us to the pediatric ortho specialist this afternoon just to be sure. After multiple hours in 2 different clinics, and 5 X-rays of her shoulder and elbow, the ortho guy decided that even though there wasn't anything evident on the X-rays, he wanted to put it in a cast to ensure that it healed properly. That way she wouldn't be at risk for a bigger problem if she did have a slight fracture somewhere. David came up with the genius idea of calling it a big bracelet - at first she was going to go for neon green, but changed her mind to purple at the last minute. She was a trooper and the cast seemed to give her some relief right away. By tonight, though, she was already asking to take it off.  It's going to be a long 3 weeks... (Kaua'i update coming soon!)

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