Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cast off!

Mia went back for another follow-up to her ortho peds doc and the cast came off for good! She still has some residual sensitivity on the outside of her elbow, so he advised us to keep her away from jungle gyms, slides, trampolines, and other high risk areas for a couple more weeks. The fact that we have to drive past a "whee!" (playground) every time we go to daycare does not help matters - she doesn't quite understand why we can't go now that her cast is off. Fortunately, we have a big family vacation and reunion this weekend, so we can get her out of the normal routine and keep her distracted by aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins! We're all meeting up in Wyoming (just outside of Yellowstone), and she's already been wearing her pink cowboy boots and hat in anticipation! Too bad it's a LONG 15 hour drive out there, we are going to have one stir-crazy 2 year old by the time we make it!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Bridal Shower

My very good friend, Kristi, is getting married over Labor Day weekend and as we are now only a few months away, it's time for the bridal showers and, eventually, the bachelorette party! Kristi has 6 bridesmaids, including myself and our other good friend, Laura, from grad school. The bridesmaids threw her a friends bridal shower last Sunday when she was in town from Ohio. Since she was doing a more traditional bridal shower with the female family members the day before, we really wanted to give her a fun, slightly-less-traditional shower the next day. Kristi's mom, Lori, volunteered to host the party. She provided a yummy punch, coffee, and lots of eclectic, mismatched china and wine glasses for us to use (she also found all sorts of random serving pieces that we needed - from teeny spoons for serving the pear and fig sauces to a footed bowl for the marinated grapes!). The bridesmaids had decided on a wine, cheese, and chocolate tasting theme for the party - and no shower games (yay)! Each bridesmaid was responsible for bringing 1-2 bottles of wine and cheese, and then some sort of additional treat to add to the mix. We also ended up doing a fabulous cake and cupcakes with coffee after the gift opening, at the bride's mom's request (it was well worth it!). We found a great idea for the table layout - we used a long piece of chalkboard vinyl and then laid out the bottles of wine, cheese, chocolates, and other goodies on and around it. We could then write on the vinyl with chalk to explain what each of the wines and cheeses were and what they should be paired with.

Here was the breakdown we came up with:

1) Champagne & Prosecco
Enjoy with:
Cheddar, brie, milk chocolate

2) Syrah
Enjoy with:
Cheddar, gouda, semi-sweet chocolate

3) Reisling
Enjoy with:
Bleu cheese, gouda, brie, tallegio, white chocolate

4) Merlot
Enjoy with:
Cheddar, gouda, brie, tallegio, semi-sweet chocolate

5) Pinot gris
Enjoy with:
Gouda, goat cheese

6) Zinfandel
Enjoy with:
Bleu cheese, manchego, goat cheese, bittersweet chocolate

7) Malbec
Enjoy with: 
Bleu cheese, manchego, tallegio, bittersweet chocolate

We also had these white wine marinated grapes that I found on Pinterest (check out my wine and cheese party board here), regular grapes, baguettes, rustic rosemary bread, fig and pear sauce to go with the cheeses, crackers, walnuts with honey drizzled over them, garlic stuffed green and greek olives, and a lemon thyme crostini.


Besides the chalkboard vinyl table runner, we didn't do too much for decorations. Lori had the tables set up outside with baby's breath in hanging Mason jars (super cute!). I brought 6 empty wine bottles and Laura picked up some fresh flowers from the farmer's market to add to them. We placed them at the back of the serving table. Additional flowers were used throughout the house. We did make a wine cork wreath (finishing it last minute as people were about to arrive...), but didn't have a place to hang it, so ended up just placing it on the coffee table as a centerpiece. Kristi got to take that home with her.

As people arrived, we encouraged them to grab a glass of wine and to start nibbling, and once everyone got there we grabbed plates of food and headed outside to the tables that had been set up ahead of time. We ate for awhile, and then had to head back inside as it was too hot out! We did gift opening, ate cake and cupcakes, and mingled for awhile before heading home. Ideally, with the tasting set-up, we should have had appetizer tables laid all around so that people could keep sampling and mingling, but the sit-down part was fun, too. It also gave us an opportunity to introduce everyone. Note: we had just under 20 people there, and ended up with about half of the wine left and a TON of cheese leftover. This works out well as Laura and I are getting together with some other girlfriends tonight and taking advantage of the leftovers, but if you are shooting to throw a similar party, I would suggest cutting back on 1-2 of the categories! You could also just pick 1 category and keep the party a bit more focused (I really liked all of the options, though!).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rice St Pub Crawl 2012

Another year, another crawl. Bob & Wendy missed the bus, but were able to catch it farther along on the route. Ryan & Emily and E-train all missed the crawl entirely - the first time that any of them have ever missed a pub crawl! (Boo!) We had a few newbies: my cousin Niko came from Wisconsin, our friend Mike's girlfriend Maria, and Kristi's little brother and his wife all joined us for the first time this year. Oh, and it was HOT. This is the hottest crawl we've had (90s!), so it put a little damper on the drinking we were able to do - it was just too damn hot.
 The fish bowl even had Heman Muscle Liquor from Cambodia in it - made with deer antlers. Yum.

The Lamplighter. What can we say? They love us and treat us well. 2-for-1 drinks (even though we're there before their special actually starts), with a 2 drink minimum (pub crawl rules). Gabe got iced by a stripper. We got our group photo outside the bar on our way out.

Rookies/The Chalet. Closed. This bar used to be one of our favorites, but the newer owners haven't kept it running very well and pre-crawl we knew there was a chance that they'd lose their liquor license before the crawl occurred. Then there was a fight and stabbing in the parking lot the week before and they were officially closed. We bought shooters and had everyone bring one along. We stopped in the parking lot, drew a chalk outline on their sidewalk along with "Rice St Pub Crawl was here," took our shots, and went on our way. We sincerely hope this place is up and running in time for next year's crawl - it was missed!

 Limbo on the walk to Dean's!

Dean's Tavern. TACOS. Rail drinks. Pull tabs. Kristi, Cami, Josh, and Meagan joined us here.

All 4 Schlievert lab girls!
Niko makes friends easily.

Long walk to Brady's - typical stop at McDonald's for food (and a break from the heat!). The group really got divided up this year in between Dean's and Brady's. (Next year, we may need to go back to the timer and a leader that keeps everyone in order - and NO CARS, regardless of your sobriety level.) Dan acted as the Sinclair Dinosaur that we used to crawl on for photos. Wendy and I pretended to fall off the bridge over Hwy 36. And although there were no rollers down the big hill (they put up a fence so it's a little more difficult now), we did have to chase someone down the hill and bring her back to the crawl.


Brady's. Wanda the bartender was there again (I think she loves us), and she let David and Bob act as bartenders when they first got there. Unfortunately, no Captain David again this year (it was probably too early for him). Pitchers only. More snacking and water to combat the heat. Also, we evidently took only a couple of photos here.

Hoggsbreath. Typical - they actually don't seem to like us much. It may not help that as we start the crawls earlier we interrupt their bingo hour...they shunted us downstairs immediately and gave us our own bartender. Shots here (in an attempt to shorten the amount of time we were there), but we ended up staying longer anyways. Another round of shots at the end (thanks Gabe). Laura and I got iced. David ruined multiple photos of Laura and I. We finally rounded up the troops and headed home.

This was on our walk home...notice how it's still light out? That's what happens when you start crawling at 1pm!
Home. We roasted hot dogs over the bonfire, ate lots of good drunken munchies that everyone had brought, most people sobered up and went home, the rest of us kept partying until we crashed. At one point, we did have to go back and find a crawler at the last bar. It made for an interesting end to the evening.  Next year's theme: Leave No Crawler Behind.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Pub crawl this weekend!

Add another crazy weekend to our life - today the roof gets re-shingled at the pit, my parents bring the bobcat up to remove all of the tree saplings and bushes that need to come down at the pit, Dan and Kendra come into town to help and get ready for pub crawl, cousin Niko comes in late tonight. Tomorrow morning we're working on yard stuff/clean-up at the pit with everyone (in addition to making egg bakes for Sunday and some other goodies for post-crawl), then it's RICE ST PUB CRAWL! My parents are taking miss Mia down to the farm for the night so we can fully enjoy! Pub crawl starts at 1pm, and it's the first time since the first crawl that all four of the Schlievert lab girls (and their hubbies) will be in attendance - so excited! Sunday we can enjoy egg bakes and bloody marys with the rest of the crawlers that spend the night, and then David's parents are coming up to help out at the pit (and bringing miss Mia back up). I have Kristi's bridal shower in the afternoon, and then it's back to the pit to help, too. Monday is the first day of the summer semester, so I'll be off to class in the morning to introduce myself to the new students (I don't teach until July), and then it's groundbreaking at the site for the new Roseville Fire Dept Station! David's parents head home Tuesday morning and David goes back to shift, and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to catch our breath after the last few weeks of insanity! (Here's hoping...)

Here's a quick peek at this year's pub crawl shirts...Drink Like A Gopher.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Green Bracelet

Mia went into the doctor on Friday to have her cast removed, her elbow X-rayed, and to meet with the doctor. He took a look at her elbow, which was still hurting her, and then at her X-rays, and decided she probably had a slight lateral fracture in her elbow, so he sent us back to casting to have a new green bracelet put on for another 2 weeks! She's been a trooper, I think mostly because her arm feels so much better with the cast on. It's going to be a long week and a half at this point - she really needs a full bath, and she can't wait to be able to go back to the "whee" (playground) and to start having some water fun in the warm weather!