Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cast off!

Mia went back for another follow-up to her ortho peds doc and the cast came off for good! She still has some residual sensitivity on the outside of her elbow, so he advised us to keep her away from jungle gyms, slides, trampolines, and other high risk areas for a couple more weeks. The fact that we have to drive past a "whee!" (playground) every time we go to daycare does not help matters - she doesn't quite understand why we can't go now that her cast is off. Fortunately, we have a big family vacation and reunion this weekend, so we can get her out of the normal routine and keep her distracted by aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins! We're all meeting up in Wyoming (just outside of Yellowstone), and she's already been wearing her pink cowboy boots and hat in anticipation! Too bad it's a LONG 15 hour drive out there, we are going to have one stir-crazy 2 year old by the time we make it!

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