Friday, June 08, 2012

Pub crawl this weekend!

Add another crazy weekend to our life - today the roof gets re-shingled at the pit, my parents bring the bobcat up to remove all of the tree saplings and bushes that need to come down at the pit, Dan and Kendra come into town to help and get ready for pub crawl, cousin Niko comes in late tonight. Tomorrow morning we're working on yard stuff/clean-up at the pit with everyone (in addition to making egg bakes for Sunday and some other goodies for post-crawl), then it's RICE ST PUB CRAWL! My parents are taking miss Mia down to the farm for the night so we can fully enjoy! Pub crawl starts at 1pm, and it's the first time since the first crawl that all four of the Schlievert lab girls (and their hubbies) will be in attendance - so excited! Sunday we can enjoy egg bakes and bloody marys with the rest of the crawlers that spend the night, and then David's parents are coming up to help out at the pit (and bringing miss Mia back up). I have Kristi's bridal shower in the afternoon, and then it's back to the pit to help, too. Monday is the first day of the summer semester, so I'll be off to class in the morning to introduce myself to the new students (I don't teach until July), and then it's groundbreaking at the site for the new Roseville Fire Dept Station! David's parents head home Tuesday morning and David goes back to shift, and maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to catch our breath after the last few weeks of insanity! (Here's hoping...)

Here's a quick peek at this year's pub crawl shirts...Drink Like A Gopher.


Laura said...

So excited!

J-Funk said...

Holy cow you are so busy!!! The pit is looking great, I'm very impressed.