Thursday, July 19, 2012

Updates, updates, updates!

I neglected to mention that we had some crazy highs and lows over our 4th of July weekend - we learned that our dog, Jonas, had gone missing from my parents' farm the night of the 4th and later that same day we found out that my youngest brother, Daniel, had proposed to his girlfriend, Kendra! You can read their proposal story here, hint: it involves the top of a grain bin and fireworks. We are all very excited about this and looking forward to a wedding sometime next year!

Meanwhile, the dog was gone for 11 days! Thankfully, someone called my cell on Sunday to say that he had wandered onto their farm - just 4-5 miles north of my parents' place. My parents promptly went to pick him up and took him with them to the lake to get a bath (ie swim in the lake) and to keep him from running off again. The next day Mia and I went to pick him up and bring him home. She was VERY excited to have him back - she had been pretty upset when he didn't come home with us the first time and she kept asking about him and why he wasn't in the backyard like he was supposed to be. He lost about 25 lbs (he had 10 to loose, but the rest makes him look pretty gaunt!), and so far we've pulled about 27 ticks off of him, but other than that he seems pretty happy to be home. We took him for a short walk earlier this week and noticed that we'll have to re-adjust his harness just to keep it from falling off - poor guy! He's due for a full grooming treatment soon!

Just a quick update on miss Mia as we're well behind on that! She is a spitfire. She's in the process of potty training (yay?!), so she is constantly telling us when she has to poop and pee, talking off her diaper and running to the bathroom, sometimes wearing real undies, sometimes diapers, and sometimes pull-ups, and more often than not just running around entirely naked from the waist down! She has also decided (after watching her boy cousins do it in Wyoming) that she wants to pee in the grass, standing up. She has successfully done this a number of times, but most recently she was playing in her wading pool in the backyard (she had stripped herself naked, again), she hopped out, half-squatted in the grass and peed, then hopped back into her pool, jumping up and down saying, "I'm a boy! I'm a boy!"  So thanks Uncle Kenny - for giving her the idea that it's cool to pee on the grass.  We're not pushing the potty training too hard, but I think she'll be good to go (during the day at least) very soon.

She loves being outside - riding bike, playing in her wee-ooo-wee-ooo (fire engine), blowing bubbles, playing T ball, and especially playing with the water toys in the backyard. She still LOVES to read, do puzzles, play with stickers, and play music, sing, and dance. She's big into Bubble Guppies now (I think she's watched the entire first season about 4-5 times!), but still likes Mickey and sometimes Dora.  She's very mindful of her manners - and makes sure that mommy and daddy are, too! She constantly corrects us or reminds us if we need to say thank you or excuse me. She says things like "Oh, that's too bad," and "No way!" and "Oopsie-daisie!"  I think she recently went through a growth spurt because she seems taller again, and I can tell her torso has lengthened out.  We're getting ready to re-arrange her room and add in her new big girl bed and dresser, so we'll post pictures of those, soon. She already picked out her own sheets!

Here are a few quick shots from our friends', Adam and Kelsey, bachelor/bachelorette party a few weeks ago - the party started at Lake Calhoun, so we were able to bring Mia along to join in the fun!

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J-Funk said...

Peeing in the grass! Oh my!!! I'm so glad we haven't had any exposure to that - we just get pee everywhere else. I'm kind of surprised at my own lack of surprise at where and when I'm cleaning up pee these days...

At least you are having some success! Good luck!