Wednesday, August 29, 2012

State Fair 2012

We've already been to the MN state fair twice this year and I think Mia could go back everyday! She loved seeing the animals - especially the pigs, cows, and bunnies.

The geese? Not so much. It probably didn't help that I warned her not to put her little finger near their cages since they can bite - and then one loudly honked right in her face and they all started getting agitated and honking at once. She was shaking she was so scared! We really didn't know what to expect because the last few times we've tried to take her to see any animals (whether it be back on my parents' farm or at a local petting zoo) she has resolutely refused, claiming that it's too stinky! This time, she reminded us that it was stinky, and plugged her nose as we went into the first barn of cows, but quickly forgot about it and promptly asked to see more animals. She really liked the Miracle of Birth center, too - she was fascinated by all of the babies! We didn't get too many photos inside the barns as we mostly had to keep answering her questions and keep her corralled and not touching anything in the swine barn (there's a bit of drama over the new influenza strain that's floating around). We did grab a cute shot of her next to the brick that my parents got for donating money towards the new Ag Star Livestock Arena.

We also found time to eat all sorts of yummy food - Mia loved the cider freezies, chocolate malts, and Sweet Martha's cookies the best! (She has a bit of a sweet tooth like her mommy and daddy!)

Our second trip there also included David reading to kids in the Education building - he also hauled all of this gear with so that he could show the kids what fire fighters look like. He was a pretty big hit, but his biggest fan was Mia, of course! (Although when he warned the kids that he was going to make a loud noise with his air pack she covered her ears and wouldn't stop!)

We also had to give in and make a stop at the "games," which to Mia meant the rides at the Kidway. She wasn't too sure about some of them (we had a couple where we tried to put her on them and she changed her mind!), but she loved the cars, tractors, and bumper boats.  All in all, another good time at the state fair!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Shake your booty!

Note: We did not teach her this. She evidently picked this up at day care!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Mia's big girl bed!

We finally got Mia's new big girl bed set up! My mom and I found the twin sized bed frame and matching nightstand in an antique shop in St. Paul over a year ago. Meanwhile, we ended up with a free dresser that we painted to match. We got the room re-arranged and bed set up, but had to find time to actually go pick out and purchase a mattress. Mia was SO excited to finally get to sleep in her big girl bed! She slept without the bed rail for a couple of nights, but then we decided that it was a necessity to keep us from worrying that she'd roll off the bed and bang her head on the nightstand! Right now, she only has her new Minnie Mouse sheets on the bed, but we have a funky purple, pink, and white chenille blanket that we're hoping to clean up and use for the winter. As you can tell from the photos, she's obviously very proud of this new bed!