Monday, August 06, 2012

Mia's big girl bed!

We finally got Mia's new big girl bed set up! My mom and I found the twin sized bed frame and matching nightstand in an antique shop in St. Paul over a year ago. Meanwhile, we ended up with a free dresser that we painted to match. We got the room re-arranged and bed set up, but had to find time to actually go pick out and purchase a mattress. Mia was SO excited to finally get to sleep in her big girl bed! She slept without the bed rail for a couple of nights, but then we decided that it was a necessity to keep us from worrying that she'd roll off the bed and bang her head on the nightstand! Right now, she only has her new Minnie Mouse sheets on the bed, but we have a funky purple, pink, and white chenille blanket that we're hoping to clean up and use for the winter. As you can tell from the photos, she's obviously very proud of this new bed!

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Missy said...

She looks so proud and excited! How cute!