Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We kicked off September with two back-to-back weekends of weddings! Labor Day weekend both my friend, Laura, and I were in our good friend, Kristi's, wedding. The wedding was on a farm in Cokato, MN (central MN, about 1.5 hours from our place). The farm was a very quaint hobby-style farm, but they did have live chickens and cats running around (the chickens were cooped for the ceremony!). The ceremony was done outside, officiated by her college friend, with readings from all of the dads (they each picked their own reading and personalized it, which I thought was very unique and special!). At one point during the ceremony, I did lean forward to ask Laura if it would be okay if I stepped out of my heels - it was hot and my feet were killing me!  I made it, though, and promptly switched into flip-flops for the remainder of the evening! The dinner was under a large tent, complete with mismatched china, hand-folded napkins (folded by the bridesmaids the day before - all 250 of them!), hand written menus done in calligraphy by the bride's mom, hand made jams as favors made by the groom's mom, and lots of fresh flowers from the farmer's market. The feast was a roasted hog, done by the bride's uncle, who also did a fireworks show for us at the end of the evening! After supper there was a slideshow of photos and a live bluegrass band. It was the perfect low-key, country wedding - tons of fun! Even miss Mia was able to enjoy the event with us without too much hassle!

The second wedding included a road trip from Minneapolis to Chicago, to pick up Laura and Gabe, and then on down to Athens, Georgia for Adam & Kelsey's wedding! It was a whirlwind trip - we killed a little time in Chicago (visited the bean, which is within walking distance of Laura and Gabe's new apartment downtown - you can see the baby bump here!), stopped somewhere in Kentucky at a motel to get a few hours sleep ($49 for the room, with free breakfast!), then headed to Athens. We were in Athens from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. Since David and I weren't in the wedding, we were able to explore Athens a bit - we grabbed a late lunch at a brewpub in town on Friday, then relaxed and cleaned up for the rehearsal dinner (which we had graciously been invited to). The rehearsal dinner was a blast - Adam's family introduced themselves as soon as we walked in the door and then they ushered us to the bar. The meal was a Southern theme - including a sweet potato bar, and the groom's cake was a Georgia bulldog. There were lots of cheers of "Go Dawgs!" throughout the evening. David and the rest of the guys got a little crazy and ended up partying in the Spaulding suite with the family, then breaking into the swimming pool after hours, which evidently ended up with him and Bob singing the MN Rouser (I missed it, as I had went to bed after dinner). The next day, David and I were able to spend most of the day walking around Athens - we checked out a bit of campus, including the Georgia football stadium (amazing!), grabbed breakfast at The Grill, and found a bar that actually was willing to play the Gophers game for us! We camped out there for the game, avoiding a few rain storms, then walked back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful - a small, intimate ceremony at The Foundry (an actual old foundry that has been converted to an event hall), the dinner was delicious, and the dance was a blast. We even got to watch part of the Georgia football game with the crazy Spaulding family (ALL Georgia football fans - even Grandma Jane, who was overheard saying "Watch for the fake, watch for the fake!" at one point!) We got invited back to their suite to finish watching the game, and then we decided to crash instead of heading downtown with the rest of the wedding party (it was an exhausting weekend for me!).  We decided we'd like to adopt Adam's family - we had such a wonderful time getting to hang out with them! After a quick brunch with friends on Sunday morning, it was a long drive from Athens to Chicago. We crashed in Chicago for a few hours, then got in our car by 6am and drove back to Minneapolis so that David could make it back in time for the groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the new fire station. (Also, evidently I was so tired, I didn't bother to take any photos!  Bummer!)

Also, here's a recap of the Georgia trip, via twitter:
@dwbraz: to Georgia has begun

@MandyinMinneap: Thanks to Twitter, we had free turkey sandwiches at Arby's for lunch! Now entering Illinois.

@dwbraz: Just passed a warehouse fire on I94 outside of tomah, wi.  

@MandyinMinneap: Made it to Chicago!  

@GabeMortonCook: Roadtrip! Headed to Athens, GA with @laura7983, @mandyinminneap & for 's wedding.  

@MandyinMinneap: Georgia!  

@dwbraz: Made it to Athens, GA. First things first.

@MandyinMinneap: These people take their shit seriously...groom's cake. Would look better as a .  

@dwbraz: I will say it, they can throw an effing party in Georgia.

@MandyinMinneap: Wishing we could for the home opener, but we'll be cheering from Georgia! If only we could find a place to see the game...

@MandyinMinneap: Wondering how many times we heard "Go Dawgs!" at last night's dinner... 

@MandyinMinneap: Ha! RT tell them you love the red and white Green Bay Packers logo - they LOVE that!! 

@MandyinMinneap: Found the football game on BTN in a bar in Athens, GA! Yes!! The Georgia game isn't until tonight so they were willing to oblige.

@dwbraz: Eff yes! Found the game in a Georgia bar! Go gophers! Cheers! 

@MandyinMinneap: Heading out from Athens, GA, to Chicago tonight, then back to Minneapolis.

@MandyinMinneap: Is there any way to get audio (or video) of game online? Need to listen, but driving through NC... 

@MandyinMinneap: It all comes down to the kid from ...seems fitting since we've spent the weekend with the . Go !! 

@MandyinMinneap: Skol !! 

@MandyinMinneap: Oh Wisconsin, it's so nice to be driving through your state knowing that the and won and the badgers and packers lost...

Monday, September 24, 2012


We just got these photos from another firefighter - Mia got to use the fire hose with daddy at an event this summer! She was pretty excited! Good thing daddy was paying more attention to the hose than she was!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go Gophers!

We took Mia to our first Gopher game of the season last weekend. She got all dolled up in maroon and gold, with body stickers and tattoos, watched the marching band perform on the field, clapped and cheered with us, made us go up and down the steps a few times for her to go potty, ate half a hot dog, then passed out with Piglet on the floor between our seats (on top of a sweatshirt and her carrier). She promptly woke up and was ready to get moving - so we convinced her to stay put with a sucker. As we left the game, she kept saying, "No, I want to watch the football game!"  She has been saying this ever since - that and "Go Gophers!" in her loudest shout! Evidently this carried through to daycare this week as our daycare lady mentioned that she was screaming it all day long (oops).

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Big News!

We're very excited to announce that we're having another baby - due March 9th! I just finished up my first trimester, and when we went in for an ultrasound screening last week we already found out that it's a BOY! We were caught a little off-guard since we weren't planning on finding out until the 20 week ultrasound (in October), but the technician asked us if we wanted to know already and my response was, "You can already tell?" and he said, "Oh yeah, we can tell."  It was pretty much a dead giveaway that we had a little boy in there! Evidently this isn't all that uncommon because both the nurse and our OB wanted to know if we had been told what we were having yet. It probably has something to do with the fact that our clinic has a newer, more advanced ultrasound machine compared to when we were doing this with Mia.

Although we weren't adamant about having both a girl and a boy (we were both totally fine with having all girls), we're starting to wrap our heads around the idea that we'll be having a little boy around the house next spring. First off, we need to start going through our multitude of boxes of baby girl clothes and weeding out everything but the really special stuff (there won't be room to store both girl and boy stuff in our house!). Good thing the fall consignment sales are in full swing, now I just need to find time to sort through and tag all the items for sale. Since we're in the middle of potty training with miss Mia, David's first thought was "How are we going to potty train a BOY?"  My response? At least Mia can teach him how to pee in the grass...

Speaking of Mia, we just told her last week and she's already excited to tell everyone she knows! She also follows this up with either 1) lifting up my shirt and pointing to my belly or 2) grabbing the ultrasound pictures and trying to explain what they show. It's going to be an interesting 6+ months...

I'm starting to feel a bit better, although I'm still a little nauseous, especially when I'm getting run down. Thank god for zofran or I'd be a mess. This pregnancy, the nausea hit a little harder right away, but I never ended up puking like I did with Mia (I was waiting for it, because that didn't come until later in the first trimester with her). Once we went in for our first OB appointment at 8 weeks, I was able to get a prescription and to start feeling like I could cope again. Now I'm backing off on the zofran and starting to gain some energy back (maybe).  I'm definitely looking forward to the end of "morning" (all-day) sickness and extreme exhaustion!

In the meantime, we're in full "finish-up" mode at the pit (the main reason I haven't been blogging much lately, in addition to the morning sickness), we had a big wedding last weekend, and we're headed to Georgia for another wedding this weekend. I will be happy when it's October and things have (hopefully) calmed down a bit and we have the pit officially rented out (ie we aren't over there having to work all of the time)! We need a few months to get some projects done around our own house (new kitchen floor, redo bedroom closet) before we take on being a family of 4!