Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go Gophers!

We took Mia to our first Gopher game of the season last weekend. She got all dolled up in maroon and gold, with body stickers and tattoos, watched the marching band perform on the field, clapped and cheered with us, made us go up and down the steps a few times for her to go potty, ate half a hot dog, then passed out with Piglet on the floor between our seats (on top of a sweatshirt and her carrier). She promptly woke up and was ready to get moving - so we convinced her to stay put with a sucker. As we left the game, she kept saying, "No, I want to watch the football game!"  She has been saying this ever since - that and "Go Gophers!" in her loudest shout! Evidently this carried through to daycare this week as our daycare lady mentioned that she was screaming it all day long (oops).

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