Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We had another great, big, dual-family Thanksgiving out at my parents' farm in southern MN this year! David and I are lucky enough to have two families that live close enough together, and like each other enough, to get together to celebrate Thanksgiving as one big, crazy group! In between prepping food (I made two pecan pies and this amazing raspberry butter upside-down cake, with homemade whipped cream, of course!), opening many bottles of wine, watching football and Gopher basketball, and playing a couple rounds of Pandemic, we managed to sneak in some family photos for this year's Christmas card. Too bad the hubby is currently sporting a 'stashe and a shaved head for Movember - oh well, we're just going to have to work with it. Here are a few shots from the day - hope you had as wonderful of a time as we did!

 Mom miscounted how many people were coming...dad and uncle Jon ended up eating on barstools by the kitchen counter!
 The long table...two pictures because it sat 14!

 David and his uncle Mark, smoking cigars outside.
 Taylor's "turkeys," which Mia kept asking for (at first, we thought she actually wanted more turkey meat...but no, she quickly corrected me by saying that she wanted the ones with OREOS)!
We even got to spend part of the weekend with our good friends, Laura and Gabe, back up in the cities - we managed to sneak off to the last Gopher football game of the regular season, but left at half-time due to the cold!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby BOY

Well, here it is. The first belly pic of baby #2. By this point with miss Mia, I'd already taken at least two belly pics (well, actually, that makes me feel a bit better - I'm not THAT far behind with this one...). Must take more photos...in the meantime, this was from about 21 and a half weeks, which was almost 2 weeks ago!
 Here's the closest comparison I have for my pregnancy with Mia, this one was taken at about 20 and a half weeks (so 1 week earlier), conclusion - I'm bigger this time around. I knew that was bound to happen, what with all the pre-stretching, but still, eew.

Normally I WOULD NOT share a full-on belly pic, but I couldn't resist when Mia saw us taking photos and decided she wanted to participate. Too cute! I guess she makes the whole pre-stretching thing worth it. Maybe.
Meanwhile, we had our big ultrasound around 21 weeks and confirmed that baby #2 is definitely a boy!

I'll be at 24 weeks as of this Saturday, which means that by then the baby will have a 50/50 shot of surviving if I were to go into some crazy pre-term labor (up to this point, there's not much that could be done to help the baby survive outside the womb, so I guess that's somewhat reassuring). The pregnancy is going very smoothly now that the nausea and morning sickness is gone. I have quite a bit more energy, compared to the first trimester. Since I am already bigger, I'm dealing with sleeping issues and having to make regular chiropractor visits to keep my back and hips in check. I have been having some Braxton-Hicks pseudo-contractions, which was weird because I hadn't experienced that with Mia. But in typical baby #2 fashion, it took me a while to realize what was going on (then I had to consult the baby books just to be sure). I did the same thing when I started feeling him moving, which happened a few weeks ago - I wasn't really paying attention and then all of a sudden, I was like, wait a minute...yep, that's baby. It still amazes me how quickly the movement becomes bigger and more noticeable - David got to feel his first kick the other night, which was crazy because the vast majority of them can only be felt internally at this point. With as much as this baby is moving, I'm a little concerned for my ribs in the third trimester!

Mia is still excited, but definitely has no idea what is to come. She's been acting up quite a bit lately (in preparation for a crazy adjustment once the baby actually comes out, I'm sure!), and the potty training has been delayed. We've been too busy to really work with her, and at day care there are two new babies, so I don't think she's getting much help or attention there, either. Poor kid. We'll get it figured out sooner or later. We started introducing sticker rewards for doing some things on her own (eating breakfast, finishing supper - both of which have been struggles, getting herself dressed, etc.) so that seems to be helping with her overall behavior (some days, at least). Other than that, she's growing up so fast! The other night, she told David that she wanted to make a To Do list! So they proceeded to make one for her night time routine, and as she did each thing, she got to cross it off (yes, we make LOTS of to-do lists in our house, so she comes by this very naturally!). We're hoping to get her into some sort of gymnastics or swim lessons this winter to help keep her busy and help her to burn off some of her extra energy! Here are some recent photos...