Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We did our Christmas cards through Shutterfly, once again. We were lucky enough to get some time before the Thanksgiving festivities to have a few family photos taken by my brother, Daniel, since we didn't have time to have any professional family photos done this year.

My favorite part of the card is the back, though - last year I had the idea (after we already had Christmas cards in hand) to include a recap of our year via our tweets on Twitter. I used the website All My Tweets, copied my favorites into a word document in order to begin to sort through them, then picked the best ones to make into a Christmas "letter." The 5x7 stationary cards on Shutterfly have an option to do a 5x6 photo on the back of the card, so I worked with that space to make the letter (truth be told, I started off with a 5x7 size, then realized I had to cut it down to 5x6...grr). Since I'm a researcher, I am lucky enough to have both Adobe Illustrator, where I did my original work, and Photoshop, where I converted the file to a jpeg for uploading to Shutterfly. All in all, we've had good feedback about the "year in review," and I think we'll make it a priority to do one each year!

Mia and I spent most of last week home together as she didn't have daycare. Here are just a few shots of what we did to keep ourselves occupied:

 We made cinnamon ornaments!
 This is Mia saying, "It's an X!"
 She really wanted to find a small Santa hat for Piglet, so we made sure to grab one at Target (one for a cat!).
I got an ipad for Christmas from the hubby, so here she is hijacking it - she is already in love with all of the great Disney Junior apps I installed on it!

Finally, here's a quick video of her pretending to take a bath - it was part of a new game that we got her for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

My question is...which one of you sings the "Scrub-a-dub dub" song to her?

Mandy said...

I do! :)

J-Funk said...

Love the Xmas card! The tweets were great - you've had a very full year!!! I can't believe you had a full week off of daycare - BEFORE the holidays. We've just had a few days off and already are running out of things to do! I guess it's a good chance to get creative.