Monday, December 10, 2012

More Christmas Fun

This past weekend we maximized the amount of holiday activities we could do because it was David's only weekend off in December, besides the weekend before Christmas. My brother, Dan, and Kendra came up for a couple of days, and we took miss Mia to her first Disney on Ice. She loved it! Of course, she would have been happy seeing just Mickey and Minnie and the crew for the entire show, but she did recognize quite a few other characters (Toy Story, Nemo, most of the princesses). We also dropped $22 on one of the fancy light toys, only to find people outside the Xcel Center selling cheapy options for $5 (where were they on the way in??). Oh well, we had to splurge a little as it was her first show!  Here are a few shots from the show (David had the camera and was keeping himself entertained by taking lot of photos!).

The next night we met up with both of my brothers and their significant others for the Holidazzle parade downtown, followed by supper at Pizza Luce, which has pretty much become a tradition for us (starting quite a few years ago when both of them were dating other girls). We didn't get many pictures because it was so cold out (and snowing) and Mia was a handful to keep in place. She was very excited to see Santa at the end of the parade!

Saturday morning was spent with the girls - Kendra, Mia, my mom, and I all went flower girl dress shopping for Mia for Dan and Kendra's upcoming wedding. She was excited to try on the dresses, but quickly became more interested in 1) running around the Wedding Shoppe in just her pull-ups and 2) jumping off of the step as we were trying to get pictures of her in the dresses! No shots of the final decision (we have them, but I'm not sharing), but here's a cute one of her mid-jump in another one!

We were lucky enough to spend the rest of the day with my cousins Missy and Niko, who were in town. Sunday was spent doing some Christmas baking, making a pot of beer and beef stew, laying on the couch to catch up on rest, and watching it SNOW (we got 13-14" over 24 hours!).

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