Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I came across this shirt on Etsy for Mia and couldn't resist buying it for her. The front says "Someday I'm going to be a rockstar..." and the back says "...but for now my favorite gig is being a BIG SISTER! Daily performances begin March 2013."

Too much fun, right? It came in last night and we tried it on (the sizes run small, so a size 4 is just a little big on her size 3 body) and she almost refused to take it off. I didn't want it getting dirty before this weekend as she can wear it to the baby shower being thrown for baby BOY.

Last weekend we also hit up the MN Children's Museum to see the new Dora and Diego exhibit (very underwhelming, unfortunately, but Mia liked it regardless). Her favorite part of the museum was the music video area - where the kids pick the songs (Pink's Get the Party Started was the kids' fave) and then they can sing and dance and play foam instruments on a stage while watching themselves on a blue screen with crazy scenes floating behind them. Mia left for a bit and then had to go back in - she was having too much fun!

After that we headed across the street to Fuji-Ya for sushi - she wasn't willing to try the rolls, but consumed her weight in edamame and gyoza (potstickers). David and I just enjoyed actually having a good meal that didn't require us to cook it ourselves or get a babysitter (too soon we'll be house-bound with TWO kids!). Meanwhile, we're already looking forward to this weekend's baby shower so that we can let miss Mia play with her friends Tommy and Alison while we enjoy time with our friends!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ahh...a new look for the blog!

Finally got around to updating the blog more formally than I have in the past. I used this tutorial to make the fun photo header on PicMonkey. What do you think? Really, I don't care what you think because I am loving it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belly update: 32 weeks

Baby boy is getting big! Here's the latest belly shot (now we're just terribly behind on the photos...oh well). We're sitting at about 32.5 weeks.
For comparison, here's my 32 week photo from miss Mia (ie baby Uno).
Yep, I'm huge, and also carrying much lower than the first time around. Here's the shots with miss Mia - she wanted to be involved, of course, but got distracted by her nighttime bagel.

So serious for her individual belly shot (which she requested). Meanwhile, the baby is keeping me occupied with lots of kicks, rolls, and hiccups. It seems like he's almost always on the move these days. Because he's sitting so low, there is a ton of pressure on my bladder and in my lower abdomen in general, which makes sitting for long periods of time fairly uncomfortable (which is why I'm currently stretched out on my couch, thank god for being able to work from home!). My cravings lately consist of Potbelly chicken and cheddar sandwiches (with lots of extra hot peppers) and chocolate shakes (lovingly made by the hubby for me). I managed to survive a god-awful cold post-holidays, which very well may have been influenza (yes, I was vaccinated, which is probably why it wasn't worse). The heartburn is kicking back in, which I remember well from the first pregnancy, and it doesn't appear to matter what I eat. We're slowly getting the house back into baby mode - the crib is up (although we're planning on having him in our bedroom in a bassinet for the first few months to ease the transition for Mia), and we've been stowing away extra toys and stuff to make room for all of the baby gear that needs to come back out of storage. We also coordinated dropping Mia off at her daycare provider's house when I go into labor - a fairly big detail that we needed to figure out. Our good friends, Sara and Rob, are hosting a baby shower for us in a couple of weeks and after that, we'll be close to full-term! Time is going to fly by!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Miss Mia Turned 3!

Last week, Amelia turned 3 years old! We opted to skip the big party and instead spend some quality time with just the three of us this year. Since we all had New Year's Day off, we headed to the Mall of America after a big breakfast of buttermilk pancakes (with sprinkles!) and bacon. (Mommy sidenote: seeing as I was at about day 3-4 of this god-awful cold, and only a few hours post-fever, the fact that we still trudged to MOA for her birthday was a little insane...)  At the Mall, we hit up the underwater aquarium "to see fishes," had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe (which Mia thought was pretty cool), and then David took her on a handful of rides.
 Unfortunately, since it was a holiday, the lines were long and the whole place was busy. Next time, we'll opt to take a day off and just head down in the middle of the week! That night, we made some homemade pizza and birthday cupcakes! Mia, as usual, helped with the sprinkles! She also did a good job of eating the buttercream frosting.

 On her actual birthday, she went into day care (Daddy had to work and mommy was attempting to recuperate on the couch). She took in goody bags for each of the girls, as well as cupcakes. She was SUPER excited to celebrate at day care! That night, she got to open up presents, blow out the candles on her jumbo cupcake, and have cake and ice cream while we all watched Tangled together for the first time. All in all, it was a successful birthday and she's very proud to tell everyone that she's now 3!

 She got safety scissors from us, and I think they may be her favorite gift!


So what's new with the kid these days? She's becoming such a big girl! She wants to do everything herself - getting dressed, getting her breakfast bagel prepped (spreading Nutella or PB on it), brushing her teeth, washing herself in the bath, etc. She's getting very close to being potty trained (or at least when not sleeping...she's still in pull-ups for nap and bed times) - she even went to day care in panties for the first time today! She can sing the ABCs (rock 'n roll style, if you ask her to!), as well as other basic kid songs. Incidentally, she also can sing part of the Neon Tree's Everybody Talks song (I'm so proud). She loves helping me bake and repeatedly asks to make cookies. She still loves Piglet, and will even acknowledge when it's time for the current Piglet to get a bath (she is well aware that there are 2 Piglets and she can tell the difference between the two based on smell - or lack thereof in the 'clean' one). She's becoming more adventurous - lots of jumping on beds/chairs/couches, making bridges out of books, boxes, and other household items which she walks across, throwing balls across the room, and few times attempting to crawl into baby brother's crib. She's extremely excited to start swimming lessons (with daddy) in a couple of weeks - she has even managed to wear her swimsuit all day long a couple of weekends in a row in preparation for them (thankfully, we've stayed inside during all of these times and she's aware that she needs to change in order to leave the house!). She's getting excited to be a big sister, although I know she has no idea what that actually will entail! She's started referring to him as Baby GoGo, and this seems to be sticking. She's felt him kick a few times and her eyes light up and she gets so excited! Lots of changes ahead, so we're trying to soak up as much time with her as we can before the little man arrives!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas 2012

After the whirlwind of holiday festivities, we're attempting to get back to a routine (amongst birthdays, funerals, and one hell of a nasty cold that I picked up this weekend). Christmas provided a great break - David had the weekend off beforehand so we spent a few extra days on the farm. We got to spend some time with our old friends, Ryan and Emily, and their beautiful daughter Jenna,
spend time with each of our grandparents, take care of some business, go on a family sleigh ride (complete with horses and a vintage wood sleigh), and spend plenty of time in front of the fireplace watching the Vikings (and putting together her new basketball hoop!),

reading, and catching up with family. We spent Christmas Eve at the candlelight service at Waverly, then headed back to the farm with the extended family to eat and open up gifts. Mia was very excited about the gifts - so much so that she wasn't very helpful during family photos. Luckily, we still managed to get a few good ones.

 Attempting a good family photo...then we gave in and just did a funny one!
 Once the gift opening started, she ran around the room helping everyone open up each of their gifts!

 She also spent some time hanging out in a big box with Uncle Dan...

The next morning, we woke up at David's parents' house and opened up gifts with his brother's family. Mia was more interested in eating breakfast (I think she was a bit overwhelmed by her older cousins and their enthusiasm!).

 Eating while the rest of us were opening gifts...

 Mia and Emory trying out their new aprons and Em's new cooking supplies!
It was a fantastic Christmas, but we were happy to get back up to our home after the extended stay! The next two nights were spent entertaining - first the Schlievert lab crew that were all back for the holidays (this one was semi-impromptu as our friends that were going to host it came home to a flooded basement!) and then a few friends came over to watch the Gophers bowl game Friday night. Saturday was spent taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and then putting the crib back together (it was still up, just converted to a toddler bed). Sunday was spent watching the Vikings kick some Packers butt and make their way into the playoffs (woo-hoo!). Then it was on to preparing for the big birthday festivities for miss Mia...more to come on that soon.