Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belly update: 32 weeks

Baby boy is getting big! Here's the latest belly shot (now we're just terribly behind on the photos...oh well). We're sitting at about 32.5 weeks.
For comparison, here's my 32 week photo from miss Mia (ie baby Uno).
Yep, I'm huge, and also carrying much lower than the first time around. Here's the shots with miss Mia - she wanted to be involved, of course, but got distracted by her nighttime bagel.

So serious for her individual belly shot (which she requested). Meanwhile, the baby is keeping me occupied with lots of kicks, rolls, and hiccups. It seems like he's almost always on the move these days. Because he's sitting so low, there is a ton of pressure on my bladder and in my lower abdomen in general, which makes sitting for long periods of time fairly uncomfortable (which is why I'm currently stretched out on my couch, thank god for being able to work from home!). My cravings lately consist of Potbelly chicken and cheddar sandwiches (with lots of extra hot peppers) and chocolate shakes (lovingly made by the hubby for me). I managed to survive a god-awful cold post-holidays, which very well may have been influenza (yes, I was vaccinated, which is probably why it wasn't worse). The heartburn is kicking back in, which I remember well from the first pregnancy, and it doesn't appear to matter what I eat. We're slowly getting the house back into baby mode - the crib is up (although we're planning on having him in our bedroom in a bassinet for the first few months to ease the transition for Mia), and we've been stowing away extra toys and stuff to make room for all of the baby gear that needs to come back out of storage. We also coordinated dropping Mia off at her daycare provider's house when I go into labor - a fairly big detail that we needed to figure out. Our good friends, Sara and Rob, are hosting a baby shower for us in a couple of weeks and after that, we'll be close to full-term! Time is going to fly by!

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Melissa said...

Ha! I love Mia's serious face!