Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas 2012

After the whirlwind of holiday festivities, we're attempting to get back to a routine (amongst birthdays, funerals, and one hell of a nasty cold that I picked up this weekend). Christmas provided a great break - David had the weekend off beforehand so we spent a few extra days on the farm. We got to spend some time with our old friends, Ryan and Emily, and their beautiful daughter Jenna,
spend time with each of our grandparents, take care of some business, go on a family sleigh ride (complete with horses and a vintage wood sleigh), and spend plenty of time in front of the fireplace watching the Vikings (and putting together her new basketball hoop!),

reading, and catching up with family. We spent Christmas Eve at the candlelight service at Waverly, then headed back to the farm with the extended family to eat and open up gifts. Mia was very excited about the gifts - so much so that she wasn't very helpful during family photos. Luckily, we still managed to get a few good ones.

 Attempting a good family photo...then we gave in and just did a funny one!
 Once the gift opening started, she ran around the room helping everyone open up each of their gifts!

 She also spent some time hanging out in a big box with Uncle Dan...

The next morning, we woke up at David's parents' house and opened up gifts with his brother's family. Mia was more interested in eating breakfast (I think she was a bit overwhelmed by her older cousins and their enthusiasm!).

 Eating while the rest of us were opening gifts...

 Mia and Emory trying out their new aprons and Em's new cooking supplies!
It was a fantastic Christmas, but we were happy to get back up to our home after the extended stay! The next two nights were spent entertaining - first the Schlievert lab crew that were all back for the holidays (this one was semi-impromptu as our friends that were going to host it came home to a flooded basement!) and then a few friends came over to watch the Gophers bowl game Friday night. Saturday was spent taking down the Christmas tree and decorations and then putting the crib back together (it was still up, just converted to a toddler bed). Sunday was spent watching the Vikings kick some Packers butt and make their way into the playoffs (woo-hoo!). Then it was on to preparing for the big birthday festivities for miss Mia...more to come on that soon.

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