Thursday, February 07, 2013

Shower for Baby BOY

Our good friends, Sara & Rob, offered to host a baby shower for us this past weekend and it was a blast! We were anticipating a small group of our friends, since a lot of our crew has moved out of the cities lately - but it was a perfect size to actually be able to catch up with everyone! Best of all, we were surprised by our good friends, Laura & Gabe, who flew in from Chicago just for the shower! We had arrived a little early and were hanging out in the kitchen with Sara and Rob, and Sara had mentioned that Bob and Wendy were going to be by early, too. So, when the door rang and someone came in, I figured it was Bob and Wendy, but Mia ran over to us and said "Mom! Laura and Gabe are here!" and I replied, "Honey, I think you mean Bob and Wendy." and she shrieked, "No! Laura and Gabe came all the way from Chicago!!"  At that point, I had to go see what she was talking about and lo, and behold, there were Laura and Gabe AND Bob and Wendy! What a sweet surprise!
The ladies: Katie, Sara, Petra, Laura, me, and Wendy (all of the spouses - and kids - were there, too!)

Sara made Thanksgiving themed apps - turkey sandwiches with gravy, some sort of mashed sweet potato concoction that was spread on bread and topped with marshmallows, and green bean casserole-stuffed mushrooms. Others brought queso and fresh bean/salsa dip. So good!  Best of all, though, were the BLUE velvet cupcakes that Sara made - I had three - they were that good.

She also made a non-alcoholic punch for the 2 pregnant ladies (Petra and I), which consisted of Fresca and white grape juice. It was really good - not too sweet, with just the right amount of tartness from the Fresca. Her Pinterest-inspired decorations were super cute, too! My favorite were the paper star medallions - that looked like real decor up on her mantle! (Which, of course, we didn't actually get a picture of - but here's a close-up of the dyed coffee filter garlands she also made!)

We got some great boy clothes from Petra and Lucas and Katie, and then Sara, Rob, Laura, Gabe, Bob, and Wendy all went in together to purchase the tandem sit and ride stroller that we had on our Amazon registry! Mia was so excited about this that she made us open it the next day and drive her (and Piglet) around the house in it! She seriously kept asking about opening it ALL DAY LONG. She even lucked out and got two new play-doh sets from our friends. (We love play-doh around here!)

 Petra said that this outfit reminded her of something David would wear - can't wait to dress them up together this summer!
Super cute crab onesies from Katie!

 Mia was obsessed with trying to blow up a balloon!

 Exchanging pregnancy stories with Petra - she's due with her first in June!

Mia really enjoyed playing with this rocket launcher toy of Tommy's...

The shower started at 3pm, we stuck around until 8:30pm, then Laura, Gabe, Bob, and Wendy came back to our place where we were able to put the kiddo to sleep and hang out in the basement until midnight chatting and playing games. It was a great day!

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Laura said...

Yay! So great to spend time with everyone!