Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fynn is 1 Month Old!

My baby boy turned one month old - one week ago! He's growing so fast and changing looks constantly! He just started to outgrow his newborn size clothing - mostly it's getting too short as he's got some long legs. He also has a big buddha belly, which is pretty cute. He has started to smile, and this morning he even smiled in response to my saying his name! He is a mama's boy, although yesterday he did spend an entire day with just daddy as I was at an interview and they did fine. He has taken his first few bottles, which he didn't have a problem with, and unlike Mia, he likes to have a pacifier from time to time. He's still getting up every couple of hours at night (last night he basically was up from 2:30am on - and then we ended up with Mia in our bed around 4am, so both of us really didn't sleep!). Unfortunately, Mia brought home a cold the first week we were home with him, which he - and evidently some of my family - picked up. Mia kicked the cold in about 4 days, but Fynn had it for over 2 weeks. The first week he and I spent most nights in the living room as he could sleep at a slight incline in his bassinet in the pack 'n play, and daddy could rest a little easier when he wasn't lying awake counting his raspy breaths (the EMT in him kept kicking in).

Mia is adjusting to having a little brother. She hasn't told us to take him back, so I think we're in the clear! She initially demanded more of our time in response to losing our full attention, but I think that is getting better now. She likes to hold him from time to time, she likes to pat his head (which we have to keep tabs on as she pats pretty hard!), she likes to share Piglet with him (a big deal! although she also already gave him his own new Piglet so she doesn't actually have to share!), and she likes to show him off to her friends at day care. She's getting to be a big helper - this morning I told her she had to listen for Fynn to start fussing while I was in the shower and then help out if he did. I heard him start to fuss over the monitor and then I heard her go into the kitchen, pick up her stool, move it into the living room by his pack 'n play, and give him his pacifier. He calmed down, and then she turned on his vibrator and music for him, too! (Granted, two morning ago, she blatantly ignored him as he was screaming, so I started hollering at her from the shower so she'd come talk to me, and I finally had to throw a towel on and go out and demand that she turn off the ipad and realize what was going on.) On another note, she is losing all signs of "baby" and becoming all big kid. She's all of a sudden got big feet and hands and even her head looks bigger - maybe it's just that we're now seeing a tiny baby alongside her.

Newborn Fynn
One month Fynn

This one reminded me of a photo of Mia...
 Mia at two months...yawn!


LMK said...

Very cute post and loved how Mia helped after her iPad ignoring episode. Fun stuff :)

Laura said...

Awww so cute!