Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fynn's Baptism

Fynn was baptized last weekend back at my hometown church, Waverly Lutheran. Mia was also baptized back there, so it was special to be able to once again return for Fynn's - plus it makes it easy for all of the family to be present as most of them are in or near the area! Fynn's sponsors were all of our siblings, including my soon to be sister-in-law, Kendra. Fynn slept through the whole thing, only waking at the end of the church service - Pastor Giese even tried to wake him up as he presented him to the congregation, but Fynn stayed asleep.  Mia, on the other hand, was a handful during the baptism. She came up to the front of the church with us for the ceremony, but then proceeded to announce that she had to go potty. She wouldn't drop it, even after a few of us tried to quietly tell her that she just had to wait a few minutes for the ceremony to be complete. She started wandering down the aisle and my mom was able to grab her and hold her while the pastor actually baptized Fynn. Evidently, once he had poured the water on his head, she said "He did it!" out loud, but I missed it. When mom let her go, thinking she was coming back up front, she took off towards the back of the church. Taylor tried to follow her, but when Mia saw her she ran around the back of the church and came back to the front. Uncle Dan was finally able to grab her and decided to just take her down to the bathroom (his sponsor duties for Fynn were over by that point as Fynn was being presented to the congregation).  Whew! We then had to make it through the church choir's Easter Cantata (lots of songs, in lieu of the sermon), so all of us were just happy that the kids managed to not cause too much trouble (Brian and Jen's 3 kids were there, too - and Mia insisted on sitting with them so all 4 were in one row.)


 First shot of the four of us!
 Uncle Jon, lovin' on the new baby!

Unfortunately, David's grandpa Leonard was taken to the ER Friday evening and was later admitted to the hospital for an (as yet unidentified) infection, so he wasn't able to make it to the baptism. (On the other hand, at least the two grandsons - David and Brian - were home for the baptism and therefore were able to go visit him at the hospital.) After being admitted to the ICU, grandpa's vitals are starting to get a bit better, and we're all hoping that he's turned a corner!

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