Sunday, May 05, 2013

Fynn is 2 months old!

Baby boy is two months old already! He is such as happy, sweet, smiley baby! He is so alert - he loves to watch everyone, and gets mad if he can't readily see us. He is starting to respond to other people smiling at him and cooing to him with smiles, which is pretty great. He remains pretty mellow, even through another cold (or a revival of the original cold he had last month) which has left him stuffy, booger-y, eye gooky. He seems to finally be kicking it (again), so we're hoping he gets to stay healthy and breathe easy for a long time!

This past week was his first time at Lori's for daycare. He was fine, except he wasn't eating for her! We had given him bottles ahead of time to prep him for that, but he didn't want to take anything from her, so I was picking him up after lunch every day to make sure he'd be able to eat. She said that he never actually got fussy about not eating, but she was obviously still worried that he wouldn't eat. Luckily, we tried a different bottle on Friday, and that seemed to work just fine. This week we'll shoot to leave him there for longer days, to see how things go and get him transitioned to being there full-time. I think Mia enjoys having him around, too - she likes to show him off to her friends.

The kids are continuing to bond. She loves trying to make him laugh, and has made it her "job" to get him his pacifier when he starts to fuss. He reacts whenever she is near - either watching her intently or moving his head/eyes around if he can hear her talking nearby. She still doesn't understand why she can't just wake him up when he's sleeping, so we're constantly having to remind her to leave him alone. As I am writing this, she just woke up from her nap and crawled up on the couch between Fynn and I - meanwhile I am trying to get her to realize that he's still trying to sleep!

Mia is getting so big! She's gone through another growth spurt and all of a sudden her 3T pants are too short - good thing it's going to be shorts weather soon! She has lost all of her toddler look and just an all out little girl now. She loves to pretend (driving in a car or airplane, being a princess, building stuff), sing and play her guitar (she's really into making up random non-sense songs with made-up words and singing short sing-song tunes about what she's doing), do puzzles, color, pretend Piglet is her baby Fynn, and most especially, play outside with all of her summer toys! She seems to be learning something new everyday - the other night, David came downstairs and said that she had just counted to 35 all by herself - we don't even know where she learned that! She's also made big strides to being totally pull-up free these past couple of weeks. She started staying dry during nap time at daycare, so we decided to push staying dry at nighttime, too, by limiting fluid intake right before and during bedtime. So far, she's been almost completely dry every night this past week! We weren't concerned about pushing this final potty training until after Fynn was here and we had adjusted, so we're really hoping this could be an END to potty training!

These two kiddos have made us up-to-our-eyeballs busy, but so incredibly happy! They are amazing!

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