Thursday, May 30, 2013

So glad to see this guy...

David's Grandpa Leonard is recovering in the Lutz Wing of Fairmont Hospital, so we got a chance to go visit him (and more officially introduce him to Fynn since he doesn't remember the first time due to his high fever) over Memorial Day weekend.  We just got news that he's going to be able to move HOME next week, so that's even more exciting!
 More random pictures from recently...luckily amongst the cleaning, furniture moving, and burlap fraying, we managed to sneak in a little quality time with family.

David has also discovered a way to get Fynn almost laughing - so sweet!

In just a few days, the kids and I head back to the homeland for wedding week! My baby brother is getting married next Saturday!  Looking forward to seeing family and friends and celebrating!

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