Friday, May 10, 2013

So true.

Thankfully, my cousins Missy and Niko came up from WI to meet Mr. Fynn last weekend and ended up saving my sanity through another LONG weekend of David working! I think everyone got along just fine...
 Niko bought Mia this awesome hat and goofy leopard print tights, which of course she wanted to immediately put on and wear around the house (sans a skirt to cover up the spot where there is obviously supposed to be something) for the remainder of the day!
 Mia wasn't too happy when it was time for the girls to go!
This weekend the hubby is finally OFF (for the most part), and we're looking forward to spending time outdoors doing yard work, cleaning the garage, and most importantly, entertaining a bunch of our friends for a Sunday lunch BBQ! This mama will just be happy to watch the kiddos play together, drink some margaritas, and spend some time catching up with old friends!

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