Monday, June 17, 2013

3 month update

Fynn turned 3 months old while we were home for my little brother's wedding (blog post on that affair coming next). We managed to grab a few quick photos, but mostly I was just trying to keep him happy as he also started teething that week! No tooth has popped up yet, but he's definitely gnawing on everything he can get into his mouth (including a bandaid that mommy stupidly put on his finger the other day, and he almost choked on!). Tylenol and frozen teethers have been in play a lot to keep him happy. I should have seen it coming, since his face rashed out and he started having more bad diapers, but I was a little preoccupied getting ready our family ready to be home for an entire week for the wedding. Nonetheless, we all survived.

At three months, Fynn is cooing, smiling, and giggling all of the time - even teething, he is such a mellow and sweet baby! He's started to push off with his feet and move this lower half of his body towards the side - a sure sign that rolling isn't too far off. He's also long enough that I need to put away his bassinet that we used in his pack 'n play in our living room - his legs are sticking out the end! He still doesn't enjoy tummy time very much, but he's much stronger in holding his head up, so it's getting better. He can stick his tongue out to mimic you, and the other day he was giggling back and forth with me - I'd giggle, then he'd giggle in response. So cute! He's got big smiles for his big sister - unless she gets too close to his face in which case he's not so happy (I keep telling her that he can't tell her when she's too close - one of these days he'll realize he can swat at her and then she'll learn!). Sleeping was getting better - a feeding around 10-11pm, then up at 3am, then again around 5:30-6am, but the teething has thrown that for a loop again.

 Car seat photos: Newborn
 One month
 Two months
 3 months

Meanwhile, Mia, at almost 3 and a half, goes through her preschool screening this week! We're not starting her in (pre) preschool this fall, and aren't sure we'll even put her into preschool the following year (the odd timing isn't conducive for parents that work full-time), but it's still recommended to do it at this age so if there's anything that needs to be addressed, we have plenty of time to do so before kindergarten. She's climbing on everything, wants to be outside all of the time, loves dancing and singing around the house, and just started gymnastics lessons for the summer (which she loved). She's also started sleeping in her panties, and she's been staying dry (she'd been pretty much dry in pull-ups for awhile now), so I think we may be almost entirely potty trained! 
Yesterday, for Father's Day, we had to make a quick stop to visit daddy at the fire station since he was on shift and unable to spend the day with us at home!

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