Friday, July 12, 2013

4 months and 3 1/2 years!

My kids are growing too fast. Baby Fynn turned 4 months over the 4th of July holiday and miss Mia is officially 3 and a half!

Fynn is smiling, giggling, teething (still no teeth yet!), and rolling over! He mastered the roll while we were visiting our families over the 4th, and now he's scooting around on his tummy, so we've had to re-envision our living room so that he has plenty of room to move (think big white shaggy rugs and all furniture moved to the edges of the room)!  He's eating a ton, but still up multiple times a night to feed since he doesn't eat a lot in a feeding. The doctor even suggested trying some rice cereal before bedtime in order to keep his tummy full so we can both get some sleep (we tried once this week, he was all gung-ho and then freaked out and decided that he didn't like it- so we'll see how that goes). He's 17 pounds and 26.5 inches (Mia was only 13 lbs, 14 oz and 25 inches at 4 months), so he's a big boy (or maybe it's just a sign that he's a boy)! He's reaching for his pacifier - he can pull it out and put it back in his mouth, which is a pretty big deal. That also means that everything else can make it into his mouth now, so we've been trying to coach big sister that all of her tiny little toys can't be anywhere near him! He's so strong - he loves to 'stand' in our laps, and he constantly arches his back and maneuvers himself around (you have to have a good, strong hold on him at all times!). I swear he'll be moving sooner rather than later!!

Miss Mia is growing by leaps and bounds. She's almost 40 inches tall and is 36 lbs. She just got her first 'big girl's bike,' and is loving it! I was amazed at how quickly she figured it out (she had a tricycle before, but this one is considerably bigger than that).

This is her "I just stopped!" pose. She's still trying to figure out the best way to start going on her own!
She enjoyed her time at the lakes over the 4th - she would jump off the end of the dock (into daddy's arms), swim in her life jacket, play with the water blaster guns, and tried to keep up with her older cousins. She even went tubing for the first time (with daddy)! 
She loves making Fynn smile and laugh - her face when she's trying to do this is priceless - she (and he) just light up! She's so smart and brave, she makes this mama proud (and a bit terrified at times!). She's taking gymnastics lessons this summer and learning all sorts of new things - which results in her jumping, climbing, and tumbling on every surface in our house.

Here are some more photos from our 4th of July holiday - always nice to spend time at the lakes!

 The jumping! Oh the jumping!

 Fishing off the end of the dock.
 Cousins making s'mores.

 All 5 grandkids with grandma and grandpa B!
 I only took one shot of our time with my side of the family. Glad this was it. Perfection.

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