Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Summer Fun

This summer is flying by! I ended my post-doc, started my new job as a professor at Concordia (kind of, still transitioning at this point), and I'm wrapping up my last week of the summer class that I'm teaching at the UMN.  Meanwhile, last weekend we had friends and family in town for our annual pub crawl, and today the hubby and I celebrate our 8th anniversary.  Except for the fact that we're not actually celebrating - he's working 15 straight hours between shift and National Night Out festivities, so I'm taking miss Mia to her final gymnastics class and then corralling the kids by myself for the evening.  Woo-hoo!  Evidently that's what 8 years of marriage comes to...

In the midst of all of that, Fynn keeps growing (5 months last weekend, blog post coming), Mia keeps growing up, and we're trying our best to enjoy the summer! Here are some photos of the summer fun we've been enjoying!

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