Saturday, September 07, 2013

Summer Shenanigans

 Earlier this summer, Ted and Erin and their three boys came for a visit! Mia wanted to adopt them as her cousins!
 That same day, we spent time with some of the extended Helvig family. Fynn hung out with cousin Malena.

 We took the kids to the Renaissance Festival for the first time - it was a blast!
 Mia and daddy even rode an elephant!

 ...and we checked out a chemistry show, which she loved!

 Mia really just wanted to find a pirate eye patch, after she saw two little boys dressed as pirates. Luckily, a nice lady at one of the shops went in back and found her one (for free!) after Mia asked her about one.

 David and I hit up the state fair the first weekend with just Fynn, then went back with both kids, plus Dan and Kendra the following weekend.

 Mia was really excited to ride a ferris wheel for the first time!

 Then she decimated this ice cream cone.  Yikes.
 Mia completed her first gymnastics class and LOVED it.

 Nature walk!

 We took Mia bowling for the first time.
 She had a blast.
 Last weekend Mia and daddy built a squirrel feeder. Mia painted it all by herself!
 Just hanging with Jonas.