Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Good thing I got the kids dressed up on Sunday and took some photos outside because today is pretty dreary! Mia really wanted to be princess Sophia (a new Disney Junior show, for those of you without a young girl), so we got her the fancy Disney costume, complete with tiara and amulet (which, as you can see below, is missing!). Sophia can talk to animals with her amulet, and she has a friend bunny, Clover, so guess what Fynn got to be!  He isn't too sure about the whole costume thing! Today they're actually dressed up as pirates for daycare (Mia had a pirate costume and I had originally purchased one for Fynn, so I decided they could do that for the day.) I tried to get some photos this morning, but my camera battery was dead and the phone doesn't capture things fast enough to deal with their constant motion! Regardless of the bad photos, they're pretty cute. Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

The "real" princess Sophia and Clover!
 Mia kept saying "Arrh!" instead of smiling!

 Fynn was not excited about this whole Halloween thing.

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