Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mia's new room!

After a valiant attempt to have the kids share a room on the same level as us, which resulted in many sleepless nights (Fynn would wake up Mia as she is a light sleeper, she would wake him up when she had a bad dream or would talk in her sleep, David and I were constantly waking up to one or both of them crying!), we decided to move Mia into our "spare" room on a separate level of our house. We didn't make the decision lightly - we were concerned about her getting up and 1) wandering outside or 2) simply deciding it was time to get up for the day and playing or finding the ipad and watching cartoons - at 4am or so. Plus, we didn't want her to feel like she was being displaced out of her room because of Fynn. However, after a full week of no sleep, which happened to coincide with my first week of classes, we spent the weekend cleaning all of the office stuff out of our spare room and moving her bed in. Everything was in a state of transition for awhile, as we wanted to get the carpet redone in that room and the corresponding hallway, so we hadn't moved the elliptical out of the room she was now sleeping in and we hadn't moved all of her stuff down. We survived another week of sleepless nights as everyone attempted to adjust to the change (we contemplated moving her bed back upstairs a few times during that week as it wasn't going so well!). Finally, I decided we needed to finalize her room situation a bit for things to really settle in for her, so we spent last weekend officially putting her new room together (sans new carpet since we couldn't get a hold of Carpet Bob, the guy that put in new carpet for us in our basement and over at the pit).

Here are some shots of the spare room before the initial transition:

The spare room contained office furniture that we received from David's parents 8 years ago upon moving into our new house, the elliptical, some of Mia's toys (which we moved into there in an attempt to give her a play area separate from where Fynn would be), craft stuff, and the big stuff for Fynn that we weren't currently using (but may be using soon, so we had it on hand instead of stored away). It was a disaster. Initially, we purchased a smaller desk for our bedroom, moved the essential office and craft stuff upstairs to our room, and then sold the office furniture that we were no longer using. Mia's bed went into the room, and she slept there, but it wasn't really her room

Last weekend, we had to move everything out of the room in order to move the elliptical upstairs (into the room with Fynn, which is bigger than anything he needs at the moment). We then rearranged the bed, brought down her dresser and a bookshelf from upstairs, and organized things so that she had storage for her craft stuff, play doh, and small toys in her closet. We also hung her name above her bed, a new picture that I had picked up, and she picked out Princess Sophia wall decals at Target and got to stick them wherever she wanted. During that process, she said, "My room is getting awesome!", so I knew we were on the right track! Here are the after photos of miss Mia's new room! 

I think it was finally a successful transition for the kiddo and everyone is adjusting nicely. Fynn is doing well on his own (at least when he wakes up at night it's of his own accord!) and Mia, for the most part, is sleeping well downstairs. We haven't had to deal with her getting up and wandering around in the middle of the night - she generally comes to the bottom of the stairs and hollers for us if she wants something. We have had to deal with her getting up a bit too early as her room is right next to the bathroom and she sometimes wakes up when David is getting ready for work at 5:15am. Luckily, she does go back to bed (at least until I get up at 5:45-6am). 

Since we moved Mia out of the nursery, and only moved the elliptical up there in her place, we had plenty of extra room up there to create a new play area for the kids. We ended up moving all of the kitchen/grocery store/food stuff up there, along with Mia's doll stuff, and placed it in one corner of the room. Fynn's side basically stayed untouched, and now the kids (mostly Mia) have a new place to play with toys that had been scattered between the dining room, spare room, and basement. I think that will be extremely useful in the coming months as we become sequestered inside for winter, once again!

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