Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roseville's New Fire Station

Today was the official grand opening of the new fire station in Roseville. They had TONS of people show up for the event - hundreds even made it out for the opening ceremony - in the 50 degree cool weather. Then they piled into the new station in droves to check it out, eat some fire truck shaped cookies, watch all sorts of training demos, and climb on the trucks. Mia enjoyed playing on the fire pole (at the bottom only!), climbing on the trucks, playing in daddy's office, and chasing around with Tommy. Fynn hung out in the stroller taking it all in and then fell asleep in grandma's (and then grandpa's) arms. He woke up to take a few quick photos before we headed home. We actually lasted almost 4 hours, which I thought was amazing (and was only possible because grandma and grandpa B were there - thank you!!). Here are some shots from the event:

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