Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Fynn's first Christmas! As expected, he was more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes (right now, if someone had wrapped up a bunch of electrical cords in a big box, he would have been in heaven!). He wasn't that interested in opening gifts, and he would immediately put the paper into his mouth as soon as he could. He did get some fun cars and tractors that he enjoyed, though - and he instantly knew to drive them around and make "vroom" sounds. Miss Mia picked out a train toy for him, but I'm pretty sure she's had more fun with it than he has at this point. We got him the red rocking moose from IKEA, which he's still a little too young for, but he loved rocking gently while I held him on there. I'm sure he'll grow into it soon enough! He managed to not pull the live Christmas tree down on himself, so that was a big success. He did pull multiple ornaments off of the tree, so we had to watch what was low enough for him to reach.

Mia decided about two weeks before Christmas that all she wanted was toys, so she was "that kid" at Christmas in which she would open a gift and immediately proclaim "Oh, I wanted a TOY!" She did get some toys, including a stuffed Clover bunny from Sophia the First (her favorite show right now), and a Leap Frog tag reader, which she's really enjoying as it lets her "read" books all by herself. We got her a CD player with a microphone and the Sophia CD, so she's been singing away in her bedroom. We also got memberships for both the Children's Museum and the Science Museum, so we can keep her plenty busy this winter! Her favorite thing that she got (according to her) is the Doc McStuffins watch that Santa gave her in her stocking. She already figured out how to put it on herself (a big plus, in my book!). She also had her first photo with Santa, taken at her new preschool (more on that later), which was pretty cute!

 Christmas morning! Fynn was tired.

Holidazzle Parade 2013

Almost every year we and the siblings head out in the cold to watch the lighted Holidazzle parade and then hit up Pizza Luce downtown for supper. This year we made a special point to do it as it is the final year of the Holidazzle parade, and my parents' crashed the party. Fynn made it just a few minutes into it before he (and grandpa and daddy) took off and headed to the warm restaurant early (it was COLD). Before leaving, grandpa bought miss Mia a light up toy, which seemed pretty cool on the street, but is insanely bright and strobe-light-esque indoors. It was another fun outing, but after making it to the restaurant and waiting another 30-40 minutes (after David and my dad had been there for at least 20), we opted to grab take out and head back to our place to avoid the imminent kid meltdown.

9 and 10 months!

Mr. Fynn turned 9 months old at the beginning of December and will be 10 months old on Friday this week! Between the holidays and the end of my first semester as a professor, there hasn't been any free time to blog. As I'm currently on my last day of my self-inflicted week long break, I figured I'd better catch everyone up before I start diving back in to class prep tomorrow.

Fynn is still army crawling, and occasionally regular crawling, all over the place. His doctor is actually happier that he's primarily army crawling as it helps to develop his core muscles more than the normal crawl. He's FAST. He's also climbing all over anything that is in his way (my legs, boxes, big toys) and crawling up everything he can (shelves, chairs, etc.). He was initially climbing onto the bottom step at home and while we were at our parents' places over Christmas he decided it was time to start crawling all the way upstairs (of course he had to do it on my parents' open stairs at the lake house - requiring that at least two people be with him - one behind and one on the side of the open staircase!). Now we're living with our ottoman blocking the bottom of our staircase (which is also open on the bottom half and therefore can't be blocked with a simple baby gate). His biggest thing lately is that he's pulling all the way up to a standing position, but he gets stuck there and hasn't figured out how to sit himself back down yet, so he starts hollering for help.

On the food front, he hadn't been into anything more than cereal and mashed fruits/veggies - we'd tried puffs a few times before, but he'd always get them into his mouth and then gag (not necessarily for real, he just didn't seem to like it in his mouth). On his 9 month birthday, we tried puffs again and he LOVED them. Now he can't get enough of them (he'd just eat puffs, if we let him), and he recently had the soft Gerber crunchies (think cheetos, but much more soft and small), which he also loves. He seems to enjoy bananas and sweet potatoes the best, along with the oatmeal cereal.

On the sleeping front, he's still getting up every few hours, nursing a bit, and usually going back down fairly easily. The doctor said we could try to let him cry it out in an attempt to change his routine, but every time we've tried that he just gets increasingly more upset (which I realize is the idea, but he's stubborn enough at this point and I'm exhausted enough that I'm giving in after 10-15 minutes of screaming). The sleeping thing leads into the teething thing. The top teeth that we were sure were coming in at the beginning of fall still have not arrived. The top 4 (and possibly the canines, so actually 6) are all visible under his swollen, red gums, so we have basically been dealing with intense teething for the entire fall. I think, no sincerely HOPE, that the main ones may finally be breaking through as of today. Finally. Last night was brutal, so I'm hoping that it was at least due to something useful.

Size wise, at his 9 month appointment, he was almost 30 inches long (95-98th percentile) and almost 21 lbs (75th percentile)! He's a monster.

Besides the teething and sleeping thing, he's still such an awesome baby. He's a little sweetheart, smiling and giggling all of the time. He's kind of saying "mama" now, which is exciting (I still haven't decided if it's actually real or not). He loves being tickled and doing "blast off" with daddy.

He loves playing with big sister Mia and is constantly into her stuff and trying to get into her bedroom. If I try to grab him on his way in, he starts giggling and crawling away faster. He went sledding for the first time yesterday and loved it. Such a sweetie.

9 month photos:
 He was not very excited about his fedora.