Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holidazzle Parade 2013

Almost every year we and the siblings head out in the cold to watch the lighted Holidazzle parade and then hit up Pizza Luce downtown for supper. This year we made a special point to do it as it is the final year of the Holidazzle parade, and my parents' crashed the party. Fynn made it just a few minutes into it before he (and grandpa and daddy) took off and headed to the warm restaurant early (it was COLD). Before leaving, grandpa bought miss Mia a light up toy, which seemed pretty cool on the street, but is insanely bright and strobe-light-esque indoors. It was another fun outing, but after making it to the restaurant and waiting another 30-40 minutes (after David and my dad had been there for at least 20), we opted to grab take out and head back to our place to avoid the imminent kid meltdown.

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