Tuesday, April 30, 2013

At the live burn with daddy

We got to swing by the live burn training event (systemically burn down a house for fire training) last Saturday. David runs the entire thing, so it's always a little insane in the days/weeks leading up to one. It's always fun to see the fire department in action (although this year, since I had both kids and Mia wasn't very cooperative, we didn't stick around long). One team on the department goes through and starts small burns throughout a house, then sends another team in to put the fire out - until they've used up all of the space within the house and they eventually get out and burn the whole thing down. This year's house was right next to the current station, but it and the station will be replaced with low-income apartments once the department moves into its fancy new station this fall. The public is always invited to come out and watch, and it's a great opportunity to get a close up look at the action!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Other Happenings

Skol Vikings! Big draft for the Vikes this weekend! The whole family was outfitted in Vikings gear to watch round one on Thursday!
So...despite the fact that we have a brand new baby, life still manages to go on around us - crazy, huh?  :)

Friday was my last day of maternity leave - this week I head back for partial days to get Fynn (and I) acclimated to day care, then I'll be back to my normal schedule the week after. I can't believe how fast this time has gone - with paper revisions (two came out while I was on leave: in the Journal of Neuroimmunology  and in PLOS ONE), job interview prep and the actual interview (haven't heard back yet!), baptism, and lots of work on David's end of things.

Grandpa Leonard (David's grandpa Anderson, who Fynn Anders was named after) was transferred to Mayo in Rochester for the past week, and is now (I believe) back in Fairmont recovering! He was diagnosed with atypical encephalitis, and after the outlook appeared to be extremely bad, they appear to finally have things under control. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please!

The weekend after Fynn's baptism, Mia, Fynn, and I traveled back down to Martin County for Kendra's bridal shower at Waverly. It was a lot of fun to see all of the Waverly women, other neighbors, and friends and family, and Dan and Kendra got a bunch of great stuff! Plus, I got to finally introduce Fynn to a lot of people! Here are some photos from the event:

 The Garbers girls were there and very excited to meet Fynn for the first time!
 Dan's godmother, Lynn, stole him for the remainder of the shower - she even asked who was taking care of him during the wedding, but I warned her that my cousins were already in charge (she even guessed that it was Missy & Niko!).

While back home, we were finally able to see some progress on my parents' lake house that they are renovating. They purchased the house almost 2 years ago, but the home was gutted due to a small fire, so they are completely rebuilding the entire inside. Last fall they had an addition built, and this winter they had the entire place spray foamed for insulation, electrical and plumbing done, in-floor heat added to the main floor, and everything sheet-rocked (which is what we saw when we were last there over Christmas). In the meantime, they have painted the entire house, installed a wood ceiling in the living room, installed old barn beams as a structural support in the kitchen, installed a stacked wall to separate the office area from the kitchen, and installed wood flooring throughout the main level (and a ton of other stuff that I can't begin to list).  I just wanted to share some photos of their progress because I think it's amazing and I think you will, too!
 Stacked wood wall, dividing the office (left) from the kitchen (right).
 Stairway going down to the basement. They built the stairs, too!
 View of the stacked wall from the kitchen. Note the hardwood flooring, too (which is now stained and varnished).
 Stamping on the ends of the wood boards.
 These wood rafters and pillars were salvaged from an old barn on the farm!
 Living room - real wood panels on ceiling and back wall.
 Windows looking out to lake, fireplace will be to the right of the windows.
 Paint stenciled wall in the master bedroom, which is also on the main level.
 Hallway in basement - the red wood is old barn wood, also salvaged from the farm! It's gorgeous!!
 Cool, huh?

Monday, April 22, 2013


The little man has started smiling lately - they have been a bit elusive for the camera, but I managed to catch some the other day and wanted to share! Can't believe it's my last week home with him before heading back to work!  Boo!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fynn's Baptism

Fynn was baptized last weekend back at my hometown church, Waverly Lutheran. Mia was also baptized back there, so it was special to be able to once again return for Fynn's - plus it makes it easy for all of the family to be present as most of them are in or near the area! Fynn's sponsors were all of our siblings, including my soon to be sister-in-law, Kendra. Fynn slept through the whole thing, only waking at the end of the church service - Pastor Giese even tried to wake him up as he presented him to the congregation, but Fynn stayed asleep.  Mia, on the other hand, was a handful during the baptism. She came up to the front of the church with us for the ceremony, but then proceeded to announce that she had to go potty. She wouldn't drop it, even after a few of us tried to quietly tell her that she just had to wait a few minutes for the ceremony to be complete. She started wandering down the aisle and my mom was able to grab her and hold her while the pastor actually baptized Fynn. Evidently, once he had poured the water on his head, she said "He did it!" out loud, but I missed it. When mom let her go, thinking she was coming back up front, she took off towards the back of the church. Taylor tried to follow her, but when Mia saw her she ran around the back of the church and came back to the front. Uncle Dan was finally able to grab her and decided to just take her down to the bathroom (his sponsor duties for Fynn were over by that point as Fynn was being presented to the congregation).  Whew! We then had to make it through the church choir's Easter Cantata (lots of songs, in lieu of the sermon), so all of us were just happy that the kids managed to not cause too much trouble (Brian and Jen's 3 kids were there, too - and Mia insisted on sitting with them so all 4 were in one row.)


 First shot of the four of us!
 Uncle Jon, lovin' on the new baby!

Unfortunately, David's grandpa Leonard was taken to the ER Friday evening and was later admitted to the hospital for an (as yet unidentified) infection, so he wasn't able to make it to the baptism. (On the other hand, at least the two grandsons - David and Brian - were home for the baptism and therefore were able to go visit him at the hospital.) After being admitted to the ICU, grandpa's vitals are starting to get a bit better, and we're all hoping that he's turned a corner!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fynn is 1 Month Old!

My baby boy turned one month old - one week ago! He's growing so fast and changing looks constantly! He just started to outgrow his newborn size clothing - mostly it's getting too short as he's got some long legs. He also has a big buddha belly, which is pretty cute. He has started to smile, and this morning he even smiled in response to my saying his name! He is a mama's boy, although yesterday he did spend an entire day with just daddy as I was at an interview and they did fine. He has taken his first few bottles, which he didn't have a problem with, and unlike Mia, he likes to have a pacifier from time to time. He's still getting up every couple of hours at night (last night he basically was up from 2:30am on - and then we ended up with Mia in our bed around 4am, so both of us really didn't sleep!). Unfortunately, Mia brought home a cold the first week we were home with him, which he - and evidently some of my family - picked up. Mia kicked the cold in about 4 days, but Fynn had it for over 2 weeks. The first week he and I spent most nights in the living room as he could sleep at a slight incline in his bassinet in the pack 'n play, and daddy could rest a little easier when he wasn't lying awake counting his raspy breaths (the EMT in him kept kicking in).

Mia is adjusting to having a little brother. She hasn't told us to take him back, so I think we're in the clear! She initially demanded more of our time in response to losing our full attention, but I think that is getting better now. She likes to hold him from time to time, she likes to pat his head (which we have to keep tabs on as she pats pretty hard!), she likes to share Piglet with him (a big deal! although she also already gave him his own new Piglet so she doesn't actually have to share!), and she likes to show him off to her friends at day care. She's getting to be a big helper - this morning I told her she had to listen for Fynn to start fussing while I was in the shower and then help out if he did. I heard him start to fuss over the monitor and then I heard her go into the kitchen, pick up her stool, move it into the living room by his pack 'n play, and give him his pacifier. He calmed down, and then she turned on his vibrator and music for him, too! (Granted, two morning ago, she blatantly ignored him as he was screaming, so I started hollering at her from the shower so she'd come talk to me, and I finally had to throw a towel on and go out and demand that she turn off the ipad and realize what was going on.) On another note, she is losing all signs of "baby" and becoming all big kid. She's all of a sudden got big feet and hands and even her head looks bigger - maybe it's just that we're now seeing a tiny baby alongside her.

Newborn Fynn
One month Fynn

This one reminded me of a photo of Mia...
 Mia at two months...yawn!