Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My baby brother got hitched!

Two weekends ago, my baby brother Daniel got married to his fiance' Kendra. The kids and I went down for the entire week before the wedding, so that I could attempt to help out with any last minute preparations (which was quickly thwarted by the appearance of Fynn's teething!), and David came down mid-week after he finished up with work. The wedding also corresponded with this year's Cole Camp, so we had my mom's side of the family in town early, too.  Mia managed to fall and cut open her chin on the first night we were home - after seeing a snake down by the beach with cousin Zachary! We almost ended up in the ER getting stitches, but luckily my parents' neighbor is a surgeon and he was able to swing by and check her out - his verdict was that a bandaid and some neosporin was our best option. It's healing up very nicely now, but it made for a bummed kiddo for quite a bit.
 With cousin (big) Alex - her pole caught a fish while she wasn't near it, but she claimed it as her own anyways!
 With cousin Zachary - they spent a lot of time together that week!

The wedding was perfect - it rained, but that didn't slow down the celebration! The wedding itself was at our family church in rural MN - Waverly Lutheran. It was a small ceremony, Mia made it down the aisle just fine, but then wanted to go sit with cousin Zachary instead of grandma and grandpa, so she got shunted out of the sanctuary for a bit. Luckily, Lori, Missy, and Niko handled her and Fynn just fine, and got her back inside in time to see Uncle Steve sing and Dan and Kendra kiss (we had told her that she had to make it until the kiss!). Then she walked back down the aisle with David and I, and Piglet!  The reception was out at River House Guest Ranch, a venue site owned by a family friend. It was a beautiful location, and had the weather cooperated, it would have been amazing, but nonetheless, we just stayed inside the tents and attempted to avoid the puddles of water that accumulated on the edges! The dance floor was hopping all night long - even as it stormed outside the tent!  We had lots of help with the kiddos from family and friends, which was wonderful, but there were times that I got a little panicky trying to figure out where my kids were - there were so many people that I couldn't always keep an eye on them!

Some of my favorite memories from the weekend:
Cousin Wojo caught a 48 1/2 inch musky off of my parents' DOCK - eew!  The water has been so cold that the muskies are still near the edges of the lake - thankfully they should be back towards the middle when we go home over the 4th of July (because I don't want to swim with that!). He won the annual Cole Camp trophy for this act!

Watching Mia get her toenails and fingernails painted at the salon with Kendra, my mom, and her mom. They offered to do Mia's, too, and she thought it was the coolest thing! She sat so still for them - they were still talking about it two days later when the rest of the bridesmaids came in to get their nails done!

Watching a certain video of Kendra, in which she proclaims that she wanted to marry Daniel 2 years ago, with my girl cousins, over margaritas!

Toasting grandpa Bruce at his grave, with peppermint schnapps, after the wedding rehearsal.

Doing some whoop-whoop dancing for Dan when he showed up at the farm for breakfast the morning of the wedding. He then cooked us egg bagel sandwiches, and I managed to take a bite and have egg yolk shoot out and all the way down my arm. Lots of laughter from Dan and David, not so much from me.

Uncle Jon took Fynn to quiet him down during pictures - he's a baby whisperer, I swear it.

Some quiet time with Grandma Evie in the back of the church before the wedding - special moment.

Watching my baby girl walk down the aisle in her beautiful dress. She's growing up too fast!

Watching my baby brother and his new bride crying together as they said their vows.  So precious!

Passing a bottle of peppermint schnapps back and forth between ours and Tay's cars once we got parked at the reception site and were instructed to wait for the rest of the wedding party before we could enter. (See the running peppermint schnapps theme here?)

Stealing the groomsmen's beers and chugging them when they refused to bring back beers for the bridesmaids during pre-reception photos!

Stephen's best man toast, in which he told everyone how we used to give Daniel a hard time because he was the baby of the family- and he always came to the dinner table in just his undies! Followed by Dad's story of the first weekend Kendra spent with them - she told him how many different ways she'd eaten raccoon!

My daughter learning how to use a duck call...to call for the bride and groom to kiss! The groomsmen - Cody and Umby and Guy, that mimicked her call when she tentatively tried to do it on her own.

Talking with Aunt Dee Dee and cousin Jill while they waited in line for the bathrooms and I fed Fynn on the couch (I talked to quite a few people that way!).

Watching Mia dance at the wedding reception - with me, with daddy, with cousins Huck, Hunter, and Zachary, with Laura and Gabe - really with anyone she could convince to get on the dance floor!  Clearly she takes after her mama.


 A little bit softer now!

The people that showed up for the wedding dance - friends and neighbors that we don't see as often anymore came out to celebrate with us!

All of the loving on Fynn.  He's a sweet baby and it was wonderful to introduce him to so many family members.

Helvig family breakfast the next morning - I got to catch up with my grandpa's older brother, Robert, which is always special. Such a wonderful weekend!  Here are some more of my favorite photos...

 Nap time after the wedding ceremony.
 Reprising the whoop -whoop dance for our entrance!
 Keepin' it classy. More peppermint schnapps.

 Mine and Mia's bouquets, with charms for each of our names.

 Hunter, why are you sleeping? We're supposed to be dancing!

 It got a little muddy!

 Missy and Austin made a Helvig name plaque for them - with wood from the Cole/Gieseke farm site!

 Quiet time with the ipad, Laura, and Gabe before the ceremony.
 So precious.

 My girls! These two were altar girls for my wedding! All grown up and lovely now!
 And finally, a rain shot by the wedding photographer, Matt Addington. Beautiful.