Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rice St Pub Crawl 2013

6 crawls in 7 years...highlights included:

All 5 bars were back in business this year! Plus, we added a final stop at the Flameburger to soak up the booze with their fabulous greasy burgers and fries (and Bob even got to flip some hashbrowns!).

We had one of the biggest groups we've had in awhile! Revivals of the Fetts and E-train. People actually flew back for it - Laura & Gabe (from Chicago) and Kristi & Tony (from Lansing, MI)!

We hit up the patios (and played some cornhole) at Freddy's Tiki Hut (formerly the Chalet) and McCarron's (formerly Dean's Tavern), and since the weather was PERFECT, that was a nice addition.

More than anything, it's always a great opportunity to catch up with everyone - we've made a lot of friends through pub crawl over the years! I think that may be the main reason pub crawl keeps going.

 We got to meet Petra & Lucas's new baby, Sommer, beforehand!



 Posing where the old green Sinclair dinosaur used to be (see the old sign?)...

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 months

Fynn turned 5 months at the beginning of the month, but things have been so crazy as I transition into my new job that I haven't had time to blog about it.  He's rolling over easily these days, starting to scoot around (he rarely remains on the activity mat these days!), can reach for toys and his pacifier and manipulate them into his mouth, and will be crawling before any of us is ready! He babbles, laughs and giggles, loves to smile at his big sis, and likes to have 'conversations' back and forth with us. We started him on solids (at night mostly), and so far he's had rice and oatmeal cereals, squash (good), peas (really good), sweet potatoes (super good), and green beans (not a fave). He doesn't eat much at a time, but he's getting better every night. His teething has been especially hard at times lately, but as of this morning, it appears that his first baby tooth may actually be breaking through (thank goodness)! He's still getting up every few hours at night, mostly due to the teething as far as I can tell, and he's still in a bassinet in our bedroom as attempts to move him into the crib in the same room with Mia have been unsuccessful. Both of our kiddos appear to be not-so-good sleepers, so putting them in the same room has been a bit of a nightmare. It looks like miss Mia may be moving to the main floor into a room of her own sooner rather than later (yikes!). At bath time, he kicks and splashes all over the place, and loves to scoot his bottom off of the plastic holding piece at the bottom of the tub so that he's submerged as much as possible (which makes it awfully difficult to actually bathe him!). I think we're going to have to do a mommy-baby swim class this winter, because he seems to really like the water!  He's growing like a weed - this week he started wearing 9 month rompers! He's going to be tall! We still can't believe how sweet of a baby he is - the only time he gets fussy is when his teeth are really bothering him. On that note, I'm off to go cuddle him a bit before the hubby and I sneak off for a date night tonight!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Summer Fun

This summer is flying by! I ended my post-doc, started my new job as a professor at Concordia (kind of, still transitioning at this point), and I'm wrapping up my last week of the summer class that I'm teaching at the UMN.  Meanwhile, last weekend we had friends and family in town for our annual pub crawl, and today the hubby and I celebrate our 8th anniversary.  Except for the fact that we're not actually celebrating - he's working 15 straight hours between shift and National Night Out festivities, so I'm taking miss Mia to her final gymnastics class and then corralling the kids by myself for the evening.  Woo-hoo!  Evidently that's what 8 years of marriage comes to...

In the midst of all of that, Fynn keeps growing (5 months last weekend, blog post coming), Mia keeps growing up, and we're trying our best to enjoy the summer! Here are some photos of the summer fun we've been enjoying!