Friday, November 15, 2013

8 months and on the move!

Fynn turned 8 months old on November 3rd. He is a little monster. He's officially army crawling (and he's FAST), plus he can get up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but he knows he can readily move from his tummy, so he hasn't starting "real" crawling yet. He makes a beeline for all things that could potentially hurt him - gate open? He flies towards the steps and leans over the top one. Mia's room open? He's in there and already has a beaded necklace in his mouth. Bathroom door open? He's in and trying to crawl into the shower. We discovered the other week that if we're running the bath for Mia, he could crawl all the way in there and pull himself up over the ledge to splash in the water. The only good thing that came out of that was that I realized we could finally bathe them together and that has been awesome. He is sitting up on his own now, and he just pulled himself up to a sitting position the other day, which was big progress! He can sit in the tub (on a towel so he doesn't slip as badly) so he can splash and play with Mia, which they both love. He also managed to sit up (kind of) in the cart at Target last night, which was good because we just swapped him into Mia's old convertible car seat and therefore didn't have the infant seat to keep him in while in the cart! Last night we also discovered that he likes frozen pears in the mesh feeder. At first he got excited because it was cold on his gums (I think - and hope - that he's teething again), then he stuck out his tongue and made a face because he realized it had a flavor, then he grabbed for it and munched down multiple chunks! He's starting to eat his cereal/fruit/veggie mixes better now, which is a good thing as I can't keep up with how much he seems to need to eat these days (growth spurt!). He still has no desire to try puffs, he actually gags on them yet, so we're holding off on those until he's ready to do a bit more chewing. He's growing by leaps and bounds - he is in 12 month clothing now (although some 9 month stuff still fits) and he's just solid. It's so much different from what we experienced with miss Mia! He's not only crawling, but climbing over everything these days. He climbs over the base of his play center, over our legs if we're on the floor playing with him, over the braces at the bottom of his high chair, and up onto the first step in the living room (yikes!). He's still such a happy, smiley baby! Unfortunately, he does not sleep at night, otherwise he'd be perfect.  ;)

Big sis had the same pose at about 10 months...he might be bigger than her, but she at least had more hair!

Here's a look at the car seat montage, as he's finally done with his infant seat:
 1 month
 3 months
5 months
6 (well, almost 7) months
8 months
Such a big boy!