Friday, February 28, 2014

Fynn is 11 months old!

Okay, okay, so he's turning ONE in a few days and I'm woefully behind on posting about the 11 month mark, but here we go! Lots and lots of crawling - up on all fours knees now and sometimes bear crawling on his feet with butt up in the air! Stair climbing has been mastered (to say the least!) and we've been living with random pieces of furniture blocking our open stairway for a couple of months. He's eating plenty of solid foods - faves are cheese, peas, avocado, egg, yogurt, and cheerios. Other than that, I'm going to hold off or a big ONE YEAR update hopefully not too long after the birthday festivities this weekend! For now, some photos...

 The only photo from his 11 month birthday!

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