Friday, March 14, 2014

Fynn is ONE!!

My little man turned ONE at the beginning of March! I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. Soon he's going to be an all out toddler, and my sweet baby will be all gone. We celebrated by having a circus-themed party at our house, with family and friends. Fynn enjoyed all of the colored paper, the big box, and especially the cupcake! Without hesitation, he grabbed it and dove right in, then proceeded to decimate the entire thing. The rest of us enjoyed pizza, beer and wine, and "shows" by the older kids in which all of us had to shuffle into Mia's room, turn off the lights, and watch them sing or lip-sync to random Sophia songs on her karaoke machine! The day of everyone had to work, but we made sure to celebrate again with cupcakes that night.

Fynn is doing lots of standing unassisted these days, but hasn't made any strong efforts towards walking - unless it's with his walker or a stool or some other object he can push and walk behind. He's much more interested in climbing - he climbs onto the chair of Mia's little school desk, then up on the desk where he reaches for the light to the deck and flicks it on and off at night. He's recently figured out how to open the bottom drawers in the kitchen, and he just realized that if he does this he can crawl on top of my pans in the bottom drawer and reach the counter. We'll see how long the drawers hold up! He would crawl into the dishwasher whenever it was open if we let him. He really likes being on the couch and reaching for the items that are stashed on the back of it (mostly remotes, which he is fascinated with). He's big into balls, and I think we may have a basketball player on our hands as he loves playing with his mini hoop! He even has a Gophers hoop attached to the side of his changing table, and every morning while I'm getting him dressed, he reaches over and puts his pacifier directly through the hoop. We were watching the Gophers bball game last night and not only does he get excited to watch the players, he likes to cheer along with me - so we were hollering and clapping together.

He's drinking cow's milk and eating all sorts of food these days (no peanut allergy here as he tried PB right after his birthday and loves it!). He's big into cheese (he'll actually holler for it if he sees it!), avocado, strawberries, grapes, peas, and carrots. He and Mia are both hooked on Fruit Loops (that was probably a bad move...I think Mia may have eaten 3 bowls worth the other night for her nighttime snack! and she shared plenty with Fynn!). He's started sleeping through the night fairly consistently, so we'll see if that lasts or not (considering the first time he slept through the night was exactly 1 week before his birthday, I'm not holding my breath). He busted 4 top teeth through in January, and in the past month or so has broken out 2 new bottom teeth (so he has 4 on top and 4 on bottom now).

He's been such a good baby (minus the not-sleeping issue!) - so mellow and sweet and happy. He loves his big sis, and I think he misses her quite a bit during the day when he's at daycare and she's at preschool. He likes to wave bye-bye to her when he gets dropped off and always is ready to give her a big smile when he gets picked up. Currently, he appears to be suffering from him first ear infection (boo! Mia still hasn't had one...), so we've got a fussy baby on our hands. Here's hoping we can get some antibiotics and get him better soon! At the doctor last week he weighed in at 22 lbs, 8 oz, and 31 inches - big boy!

I remember a random conversation with a friend's mom (Adam, this was your mom at the wedding rehearsal in Georgia!), in which she told me that she was worried that she wouldn't be able to love the second child as much as she loved the first, but she assured me that when that second baby comes your heart just expands to make room for that new little person in your life. I have constantly thought about that conversation as it is so incredibly true and it is such an amazing aspect of parenthood. Fynn, my little sweetheart, I know that you don't have as many photos and blog posts as miss Mia did, but know that we love you every bit as much and are so proud to be your mama and dada. We can't wait to see what the next year will bring!