Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Summer is here!

The spring flew by, but I managed to survive teaching biochem for the first time! I even ended up really liking it! However, it did manage to monopolize my time for the entire spring, so I obviously have not had any free time to blog. Here's a recap, in photos, of the end of our winter and our spring (Easter coming in a separate post):
Mad scientist Mia! "More stinky vinegar!"
 Fynn became an expert climber over the winter! We had to move this desk into Mia's bedroom to try to keep him off of it.
 11 months old!
 Yay Fynn!
 So proud he can walk with his walker.
 Helping mama make cookies.
 Fynn in mommy's office. He was trying to climb the barricade.

 Did I mention the climbing?

 Lots 'o teething happening over here! 4 on top, 4 on bottom, and 3-4 of the first molars are in!
 Cutest little boy in the world.
 Miss Mia is getting so big!

 Playing with Great Evie - Fynn was playing peek-a-boo on the side of the couch and Mia decided to ham up the photo.

 Dance picture night! I don't know if I'm ready for this...recital is next weekend!
 I had a flour disaster and she caught the worst of it.
 It was too quiet. Fynn had snuck into the kitchen, pulled out the drawer, and helped himself to the coffee cake!
 First rib! Clearly some Helvig in him...
 Checking out grandma and grandpa EIO's new RV.
 Getting our flower pots ready. Fynn was loving the dirt.

 Mia is learning how to climb the fence with her neighbor-friend Rafe.
 Fynn is fascinated with playing in Jonas's kennel.

 Checking out the new swing set at the neighbor's place by my parents' lake house.

 Tea for two in the playhouse.
 Chugga-chugga-choo-choo. So creative!
 Helping mama test experiments out of the Bio100 summer lab kit. Did I mention that I'm still teaching??
 Big girl.