Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Mia's First Dance Recital

Mia took tap and ballet dance lessons through our local Parks and Recreation this year. She started in September and went all the way through June, with one lesson per week. She performed in her first recital in the middle of June and she did great! We were so proud! She was pretty excited and overwhelmed by the experience. She couldn't quite figure out what was going on during the dress rehearsal, but once her part was done, she was very excited to stay and watch the big girls. She then made it through two more nights of recitals - it was a  BIG week for her, but she did awesome. Grandma and Grandpa EIO came for one of her recitals and auntie Kendra made it up for supper afterwards to celebrate.

We'll see if she still wants to do it again next year - I think it was maybe a bit more structured than what she was interested in (especially as a 4 year old in a 5 year old class!). Right now she's enjoying gymnastics and starting soccer tomorrow night - both of which are a bit more upbeat for her!

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